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Our Mission

Blue Cancer Connect’s mission is to show empathy, provide encouragement, and offer support following a life-altering diagnosis of cancer.

To accomplish this on behalf of law enforcement officers and their families, we:

• bring education, awareness, and opportunities for early detection,
• offer direction for treatment options and second opinions,
• and offer officer-to-officer peer support.


After receiving the phone call announcing that I had cancer, I sank into a moment of darkness. As law enforcement, we are taught the fight or flight mentality, however, neither of those options was an option for me. For me, all I could think about was my children. There was so much left for me to do in their development and happiness. The only question I had was “What will happen to them?” I came to terms with the reality that cancer is not a sprint, but a marathon. And it’s a long one filled with stress. Not “I’m late for work” stress, but “Did the doctors get all the cancer so that I can live” stress. Somewhere in the middle of my journey, a close friend told me about Blue Cancer Connect, an organization that helps members of law enforcement in their cancer journeys. I was lost in the sea of questions and lack of guidance, so I decided to call.

Not only did I receive much-needed guidance from Vickie Speed, the organization’s founder, but I also was a connected with a mentor who’d been through the same situation. Talking with those two people gave me a more positive outlook and a willingness to accomplish the things I had no idea I needed to do. Blue Cancer Connect has brought me to the level of clarity that allows me to remain positive on my journey. Thank you, Vickie Speed and Blue Cancer Connect.
Sgt. Aguilera

Dear Vickie and Blue Cancer Connect,
Kevin and I received your wonderful organization’s gift and words of encouragement today. I wish there were words to express more than thank you. With the multiple modifications taking place in our home, a huge weight has been lifted. The love and support we have received from you and our local family in blue truly moves us beyond words.

Thank you so much, with gratitude,
Kevin and Stacia Housh
Omaha PD

Thank you so much for supporting our sister in blue, Jenny. I just received this message from her:

I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate you and what you guys have done for me and the kids. Seriously, we have been hit hard lately and this helps us so much. My girls wrecked a car and between trying to feed them, paying bills, and meeting their growing needs, it’s been a lot to handle. What a huge, huge and a big-time blessing! This momma cannot work more that I already do. Love you so much and thank with all my whole heart.

You all are doing great things for our brothers and sisters hit with the terrible circumstances of cancer.

God Bless y’all,
J. Callaghan
Chief of Police, Colorado State University

I can’t put into words how grateful I am to Blue Cancer Connect and Vickie Speed. When I received a concerning medical test result that took me by surprise, I contacted Blue Cancer Connect and spoke to Vickie. She immediately assisted me, getting an appointment with the City of Hope for a second opinion. She talked to me for a very long time, reassuring me that whatever happens, she and her team would be there for me. Over the next several weeks she contacted me regularly to see how I was doing. Her attentiveness and dedication to this cause is more meaningful than anyone can image during times of such uncertainty.
Sgt. Chris Craft

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